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Other Writings

Creation is a central issue of the Bible. The Book of Genesis begins with Creation and the Book of Revelation ends with the New Creation. But between Genesis and Revelation the Bible contains much other information. Here's some articles written on subjects of interest besides creation.

The 1000 Years - What Does That Mean?
The fundamental purpose of the paper is to give a brief review of the intent of Revelation 20:1-6. It is the desire of the author to let the Bible speak for itself and to give a biblical interpretation regarding the meaning of the 1,000 years mentioned in Revelation twenty. More >>
In Memoriam - Edward C. Lain
(1927-2017) More >>
In Memoriam - John W. Klotz
(1918-1996) More >>
Is God Listening?
Doesn't the Bible teach that if we do good we reap good and if we do evil we reap evil? Earnest believers in Christ regularly confess their sins and know that through the shed blood of Christ they receive forgiveness. Yet the toll of human suffering continues in one form or another upon the forgiven Christian. More >>
The Mt. Sinai of the New Covenant
God gave a covenant to Israel at Mt. Sinai. As Christians, we have a better covenant. More >>
The Shroud of Turin is Not the Burial Clothes of Jesus
The controversy over the Shroud of Turin being the burial garment of Jesus could have been resolved hundreds of years ago, if the Church had simply turned to the Gospel of John. More >>
St. Mark - Author of Book of Hebrews?
The authorship of the New Testament Book of Hebrews has been questioned in one way or another ever since the time of the early Church Fathers. The writer of this paper is suggesting a name seldom mentioned as a possible author of the Book of Hebrews. More >>
Walking with God in a Troubled World
Being able to walk and talk with His creation was God's desire from the very beginning. Without God's input, man becomes hopelessly confused and disoriented about all kinds of things. More >>
Where is God in All This Mess?
The amazing thing about the Bible is how relevant it is. It alone presents answers to our most basic questions. It's not that we will understand all mysteries by reading the Bible. But we will have a perspective that sets our minds at ease regarding the ultimate outcome of world events. More >>
Why, Lord, Why?
The Bible from cover to cover expresses God's great goodness, love and forgiveness. For us mortals who have need of His constant forgiveness, care and comfort, we can know that His love endures forever. More >>
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