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Genesis Flood Evidence is Found in Worldwide Eroded Plateaus
"Most of the world's mountains are formed by erosion of plateaus, which are themselves uplifted erosional plains."
– The Origin of Mountains by Ollier and Pain, pg 3.

Table Mountain

We should expect the Genesis Flood Event (GFE) to record, as a minimum, great erosion (and probably often offshore deposition) brought about by 40 days and nights of rain. The 40 days of unheard of rainfall created huge runoffs from the land areas. Forty days and nights of rain doomed humans and land creatures to sudden death by drowning and subsequent decay, probably in the offshore Flood waters. This would account for the apparent lack of Flood-related massive graveyards of human fossils. The edges of plateaus around the world would have been deeply eroded into hills or mountainous areas by the massive runoff of Flood waters.

In contrast to the rapid rising of water at the beginning of the Flood, Scripture notes how gradually the Flood waters receded. Other GFE evidences would include volcanic activity and additional plate movements. The CCC model assumes periodic rapid plate movement at various times throughout the pre-Flood world as well as the GFE itself and in later periods.

Further Reading

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