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Creation's Purpose

Does God's Creation have a purpose? Maybe you never thought about it before, but it's a valid question. Of course, in the evolutionary tale, there can be no intrinsic purpose, only one you may make up. But, if God made all things, and that is exactly what the Bible tells us He did, then He had a purpose for doing so. A reminder of that purpose came to me rather unexpectedly one day not too long ago.

It had been a long day, and I was on our back porch enjoying the evening breeze and sounds. Nearby were a number of sunflower plants just beginning to bloom. I like sunflowers. You see, I'm originally from the "Sunflower State" — Kansas. My gracious wife had planted a number of Kansas sunflower seeds next to the porch because she knew I liked them.

As I was admiring the simplistic beauty of the sunflowers, I silently said to God: "Thank you, Lord for creating the sunflowers." My instantaneous next thought caught me completely by surprise!

"I made them for you!"

I sat there stunned. The message was clear. God's creation is for mankind's benefit and enjoyment. Just as I like giving my wife a bouquet of flowers, God has given all of us a whole world full of flowers to enjoy! And just as I enjoy having my wife thank me when I give her something, God also gets pleasure when we remember from Whom all things come.

So, next time you see that beautiful sunset, field of flowers, or majestic mountains topped with snow, remember that God made this world for you to enjoy (and care for). He made them for you and for me. Praise the Lord!

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