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Reading the Fossil Record in Context
© 2010, Robert E. Gentet

A point often overlooked by many young-earth creationists is the story revealed both below and above any given layer. It’s vital that we understand the context of the whole sequence of strata in any area under study. For example, here at the Dinosaur State Valley Park the dinosaur track layer occurs after an important history of other events in the area.

Basement rocks called Precambrian and usually without fossils underlie fossil sequences of rocks around the world. Here at Glen Rose Paleozoic rocks around 6,500 feet thick lie between the dinosaur fossil prints and the Precambrian basement rocks.

Each vertical sequence of rocks gives us a geological glimpse of the local history of each area since Creation. For more information on how to understand the geological "Periods" in connection with biblical history, see The Geological Time Scale in Relationship to The CCC Model.

This page is a subtopic of When Dinosaurs Roamed Texas.
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