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Dinosaurs Lived Near Sea Shores
© 2010, Robert E. Gentet
"The dinosaur eggs and baby dinosaurs are in upper coastal plains. I should emphasize once again that when it comes to dinosaur fossils, the only alternative to an upper coastal plain is a lower coastal plain. All over the world, dinosaur fossils are found in one of these two kinds of deposits. Inland areas, if dinosaurs lived in them, were just not preserved by any kind of deposition." (DIGGING DINOSAURS by John R. Horner and James Gorman, page 196.)
"We don't know on which continent they [the duckbill dinosaurs] first evolved. In whatever part of the globe they were, they lived on the coastal plains of one sea or another. (As did all the dinosaurs.) We don't know whether they, or any other dinosaur, also lived in inland areas, because there are no geological formations that preserve inland habitats from the dinosaurs' time." (Ibid., p. 72.)

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