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The Mysterious Origin and Demise of the Dinosaurs
© 2010, Robert E. Gentet

The origin and the extinction of the dinosaurs present evolutionary science with two serious enigmas. The dinosaurs seem to come out of nowhere and then after their reign suddenly vanish from the fossil record forever. Evolutionist Louis Jacobs says:

"So where is the cradle of dinosaur origins? We need more fossils and better dating to expect a satisfying answer. Why did dinosaurs evolve when they did? That is also a good question and another line of research for future paleontologists because we simply do not yet know. It is unclear what specific environment factors, if any, brought about the evolutionary origin of dinosaurs. Nor does anyone know for sure exactly why early dinosaurs split into the evolutionary lineages that led to all the herbivorous bird-hipped ornithischians, the carnivorous theropods, and the gigantic sauropodomorphs. Nevertheless, one thing is sure: they did. And what is more, they did it very soon after the evolutionary origin of dinosaurs from nondinosaurian ancestors." (Lone Star Dinosaurs, pages 36-37.)

A biblically-based geologic model answers many of the questions that evolutionism cannot. Dinosaurs, like other land creatures, were created on the sixth day of Creation. They were created in limited numbers with great genetic potential for variation within their "kind." Initially, they were limited to the area where they were created on the stable continental shields. As the food web expanded in the coastal areas, they migrated there. In various near-shore environments they flourished and branched out into the varieties God originally placed within their genetic makeup. They show up in the fossil record as the continents expanded due to catastrophic events. Their demise began as detrimental changes in their food supply and adverse environmental changes deprived them of their resources to survive.

To learn more about the lack of fossil evidence for the evolution of the dinosaurs, read Dr. Jerry Bergman’s paper: The Evolution of Dinosaurs: Much Conjecture, Little Evidence on pages 119-125 of the Fall 2009 Creation Research Society Quarterly.

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