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Dinosaur Prints near San Antonio
© 2010, Robert E. Gentet

Sauropod tracks can be seen during low water periods in the Blanco River a short distance west of the city of Blanco, Texas. Take highway 1623 about 3.5 miles west and turn onto 103. A short distance will take you to the river and the prints will be visible downriver from the bridge.

Another excellent place to observe dinosaur prints is at The Heritage Museum of the Texas Hill Country located near Canyon Lake just north of San Antonio. Here some spectacular dinosaur footprints are preserved in the same Lower Cretaceous layer found farther north at Dinosaur Valley State Park. This was once a southerly extension of the ancient gulf sea coast. Here an amazing record of the ancient shore and its dinosaur footprints were uncovered in 1982 when the state highway department removed the overburden for use as road fill.

This page is a subtopic of When Dinosaurs Roamed Texas.
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