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Research Projects

Various research papers I have written [or co-authored] regarding earth history have appeared in print over the years. Some appear for the first time here on CreationHistory.com. It is my hope that they will help you better understand the relationship between biblical history and the world around you. And for those interested in the fossil record, especially as it relates to the geologic periods, it is my desire that the CCC model will aid you in interpreting the data from a scientific yet biblical perspective.

Angels Marry Women?
Many have wondered about the "sons of God" in Genesis 6:1 and the "Nephilim" on the Earth. Here is the surprising answer from the Bible and history. More >>
Animal Death - Due to Man's Sin?
Did God create immortal animals with Adam and Eve? Some think this is true and use it as "proof" that death recorded in the fossil record (assuming an old earth) would therefore be incompatible with the Bible. This article shows why this argument should not be used. More >>
The Biblical Flood and Geology
One of the most puzzling things for many young earth creationists to explain is: “If most of the fossil record around the world (with its billions of fossils) is the result of Noah’s Flood, why haven’t huge burials of human fossils been found?” The human population of the world before the Flood could have been in the billions. The fundamental question of the lack of human Deluge fossils must be faced. More >>
Book Report: The Evolution Controversy — A Response
In 2007, Thomas B. Fowler and Dr. Daniel Kuebler, published their book THE EVOLUTION CONTROVERSY — A Survey of Competing Theories. It contains information and remarks regarding the Creation/Curse/Catastrophe (CCC) geologic model. Here, in a simple question and answer format, is an evaluation of the book's comments on the CCC model. More >>
Book Report: The Man Who Found Time
This is the story of Scottish James Hutton (1726-1797) who along with Charles Lyell (1797-1875) and Charles Darwin (1809-1882) helped overthrow in the minds of many the belief in a Biblically-based, young Earth creation. Repcheck's thorough review of the historical aspects of the controversy is well worth reading. He shows how gradually through time bits and pieces of the Creation story were cast aside. The reasons were manifold. More >>
Book Report: The Science of God
This book has become a classic in the field of books exploring the relationship between Scripture and science. And for that reason, it is a must reading. Schroeder's attempt at reconciliation between the two is a "mixed bag" to Young Earth Creationists. For one thing, he does a superb job in pointing out many inconsistencies in the commonly held Darwinism/gradualism concepts held so long in evolutionary circles. More >>
The Case for the Calaveras Skull - Edward C. Lain and Robert E. Gentet
The Calaveras Skull was discovered in 1866 in a gold-bearing gravel dated by conventional geology as tens of millions of years older than man's supposed origin. It initiated one of the greatest controversies over American fossil finds of ancient man. More >>
CCC Model
When early non-evolutionary geologists named the geologic Periods, the ancient earth theory was already firmly a part of geologic thought. Twentieth century Flood geology has sought to correct this error. Nevertheless, the stratigraphic extent of the Genesis Flood Event (GFE) remains a major enigma and point of controversy among Flood geologists. More >>
The Creation History of Calaveras Man and His Artifacts - Robert E. Gentet and Edward C. Lain
Young Earth geology needs to be able to evaluate any area on earth. How does its history fit into the biblical chronology from Creation Week to the present? Read here the CCC Model's interpretation of the geologic setting of the California gold-bearing gravels and their amazing human remains and artifacts. More >>
Creation Time - Events
Scripture offers a comprehensive over-view of history and the future. This Creation Time-Events chart offers a skeleton outline of the past and of the future. More >>
Video: The Demise of Evolution - Edward C. Lain
Many people today are throwing up their hands in confusion concerning Creation versus the Theory of Evolution. Yet, a high school freshman, given a few scientific proofs, can bring about the demise of evolutionism without ever using the Bible. More >>
Did it Rain Before the Flood?
Some creationists think the Bible prohibits rainfall before the Flood and hence any pre-Flood catastrophe due to rain. Here's my biblical and scientific answer. More >>
Early Peoples of the California Sierra Nevada Mountains
  - Edward C. Lain and Robert E. Gentet
Geological evidence shows the ancient arrival of humans into the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. This early post-Flood arrival needs an explanation. This article shows how we may understand such an early arrival from the Tower of Babel in the Middle East. More >>
Forum on Dinosaur Eggs, Nests, and Tracks: Evidence for or against the Noachian Deluge? - Robert E. Gentet and Edward C. Lain
Empirical evidences of fossil dinosaur eggs, nest sites and billions of tracks are compelling evidence for geologic events other than the Noachian Deluge. These physical records, however, in no way contradict nor discredit the Genesis account of the Noachian Flood. More >>
Friesenhahn Cave - Robert E. Gentet and Edward C.Lain
Concordia University at Austin, Texas, recently acquired Friesenhahn Cave near San Antonio, Texas. No other site except perhaps the La Brea Tar Pits in California yielded a greater variety of Pleistocene vertebrate fossils. The site offers exciting possibilities for further research. More >>
Geological Evidence of Early Man
In the previous century, much was written about the finding of Tertiary Man and his artifacts. This material is little noted or discussed today when Man is viewed as having an extremely short geological history. It is time to reexamine the evidence presented by competent scientists and experts of the past century, without allowing evolutionary bias to interfere. More >>
Is God Relevant in a Scientific World?
While the majority of the world's inhabitants profess a belief in God, a minority are either agnostics or atheists. What evidences are there for God's existence? And even more importantly, is this God relevant in our lives? Here in a question and answer format are some answers to these vital questions. More >>
Is the Earth Young or Old?
Perhaps no subject has been more controversial among Creationists than the question of how much time the Bible allows since the Creation. Young Earth Creationists say only thousands of years. Old Earth Creationists say much longer -- probably millions or billions of years like evolutionary scientists accept. More >>
John Day Fossil Beds National Monument — Beauty from a Chaotic Past
The John Day Fossil Beds National Monument is a prime geologic and fossil area in the state of Oregon, USA. It's catastrophic origin testifies to significant events in the world after the Flood. More >>
Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park — A Kansas Witness to the Ancient Changing World
A vast inland sea once split North America in half. The chalk beds of that sea bear witness to events before the Flood. More >>
Nampa Image - Robert E. Gentet and Edward C. Lain
The July 1889 find in Nampa, Idaho, of a small human figure during a well-drilling operation caused intense scientific interest last century. Unmistakably made by human hands, it was found at a depth (320’) which would appear to place its age far before the expected arrival of man in this part of the world, according to accepted evolutionary dating techniques. More >>
Recommended Reading
Many good books are available on Creation/evolutionism. Here's a starter list I especially recommend. More >>
Ten Principles of Creation and Science
Creation is the process by which God brings things into existence. Science is the knowledge of God's creation, imperfect as it may be. Science by its very nature does not claim to know perfectly the workings of God's universe. The reason for this is quite simple: the Mind of God from which all things ultimately originate is past finding out. More >>
The Time Element of Psalm 104:5-9
Psalm 104, verses 5-9 have been used by Creationists in various ways. For some it is a parallel account to the original creation narrative in Genesis 1. Others say it speaks of the Genesis Flood Event of Genesis 6-8. Which does it describe - Creation or the Flood? More >>
When Dinosaurs Roamed Texas: Dinosaur Valley State Park
Dinosaur fossils have been found worldwide. How do these strange, ancient creatures fit into the Bible? A visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas helps us understand. More >>
Where Did It All Come From?
The question of where did everything come from is one of the most basic of all human questions. What does the Bible tell us? And, what's the latest scientific thought? More >>
Why the Bible Should be Interpreted Literally
A high school student wrote to us asking why we think the Bible is to be interpreted literally. Here is the answer I gave her. More >>
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