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Massive Erosion of the Western Interior Seabeds
© Robert E. Gentet 2020

It is acknowledged that massive erosion has occurred since the uplift of the Western Interior Sea beds. Everhart writes:

“Over time, literally thousands of feet of marine sediments would disappear completely, leaving little or no evidence of the Cretaceous sea that had once covered most of the state. Enough remained, however, to give us a glimpse of the richness of life that existed in the oceans of Kansas.” (Everhart, Michael J., Oceans of Kansas, pp. 263-264, 2005)

The popular book Roadside Geology of Texas writes of the massive erosion of the North America continent in the time since the withdrawal of the Western Interior Sea. It resulted in the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico moving 225 miles outward. The pile of sediment deposited in the Gulf is estimated by some geologists to be 40,000 feet thick (p. 196). This is overwhelming evidence of the destruction caused by the GFE and other events since the Western Interior Sea came to an end.

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