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In Memoriam
Edward C. Lain

My good friend and co-worker, Ed Lain, passed away on February 16. Ed and I had known each other since 1963, over 53 years of close friendship. We shared many good times together with many long and fruitful discussions. We traveled long roads together intellectually, and not a few times found ourselves turning back on ideas/beliefs that in the long run proved unfruitful. But in the process, much progress was made. Only through willingness to change can one really advance in knowledge.

On the CreationHistory.com website, Ed and I co-authored six articles. Ed authored two of his own, including one he wrote only four months before his death. Ed also has the one current video on the website, so his presence lives on in ways only video can do.

Ed leaves behind a lovely family of one daughter and three sons, plus 8 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. He loved them all dearly and we all will miss him greatly. After only seventeen years of marriage, his devoted, helpful bride died of cancer and left him and the children with a great hole in their lives. Since her untimely passing in 1978, God has worked in their lives and I know that she in heavenly bliss is pleased to see how God used a very sad happening to develop them into mature Christians.

Ed's principle interests in science lay in the fields of archeology and anthropology. He was attending a Texas university at the time of his wife's passing. His quest for knowledge never stopped. Only failing health in the last few months put a stop to his research. We thank God for Ed, for all that he was to me personally as a friend and fellow researcher, and for his love of others and desire to reach out and help those in need. Well done! His work will still bear fruit in the years to come. His memory will never leave us. We look forward to the day when we can once again check out together the wonderful works of the Creator and continue to praise Him for all His marvelous works!

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