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Creation Messages

Today, the separation between the Bible and the findings of Science has been made sharp and on opposite sides of a man-made wall. But, it wasn't that way from the beginnings of modern-day science a couple of hundred years ago. Many of the early scientists were fervent Bible-believers and saw the hands of God in all of the Creation they enthusiastically were studying. Here are messages the founder of CreationHistory.com has given in various churches.

Archived Messages
Is God Hard to Find? October 11th, 2009
In one real sense of the word, for as long as I can remember, God has always been easy for me to find. As I look at His marvelous creation, I can't help but see and sense His almighty power. Read More >
The Creator's Solution to Worry May 25th, 2008
. . .Worrying is like spinning your wheels. It gets you nowhere fast and actually inflicts harm. Did you ever see a car spin its wheels and the resulting clouds of burning rubber? It's a good way to quickly wear out your tires!. . . Read More >
The God of Creation October 21st, 2007
. . .The truth that God is the Creator of all things is not a side-issue of the Bible. It is basic! It is fundamental. It’s the Good News that God exists and that He is all powerful. . . Read More >
The Brain and the Bible August 5th, 2007
. . .Of all the objects in the universe, the human brain is the most complex. There are as many neurons in the brain as there are stars in the Milky Way galaxy. . . Read More >
LIFE -- God's Gift January 23rd, 2005
There's a lot of life issues today. To put them into proper perspective, one must start with the basic reality that there is a Life Giver! Read More >
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