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The CCC Model
© Robert E. Gentet 2019

The Creation/Curse/Catastrophe (CCC) geologic model integrates geology and biblical information. Unlike other young-Earth geologic models, many geologic events are understood to have happened over scores, or even hundreds of years. It has been noted in other young-Earth models that some geologic events of major importance [i.e. the Pleistocene Ice Age(s)] have occurred since the Deluge. However, in the CCC model, many geologic events also happen between the time of the Curse upon the Earth just after man’s first sin and the beginning of the Flood in the time of Noah.

By bringing to bear all the time elements given to us in the Bible – Creation Week events, the pre-Deluge world, the Genesis Flood Event, and post-Deluge times – we can begin to make better sense of the often-times complicated geologic histories of each area on Earth.

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